I worked at The Loved Dog for a while and quit recently along side about 6 others in the month of December.  Though many believe that their dogs were neglected, the fact of the matter is everyone who worked and works there (I'm not too sure about the new people) actually work their asses off to protect your dog.  No one ever hurt the dogs.  I hated the job-we hate(d) the job, but loved dogs, just not the people and conditions we worked for.  We loved the dogs, and NEVER hurt them.  We alll did.  We all have literally thrown ourselves on the floor to protect dogs, rescue dogs, prevent accidents, but there are waaaaaay too many dogs.  There are oh so many, and you will never know what it is like until you've worked in such an environment.  The stench was a huge problem to many, so I've read, the fact of the matter is..yes, it stinks, there are alot of dogs..so it stinks.  That smell!?  It doesn't go away, and it's dreadful.  6 long hours with that smell, you start to not smell it, to be honest.  The feces and pee, well, once again, there are too many dogs, and they usually pee and poop at the same time.  One or two people trying to take care of 5 piles, 3 puddles, a whining dog, and several dogs that shouldn't be there seriously makes a person go mad.  On the subject of dogs that shouldn't be there, during my employment, there was a manager change.  We lost one, and gained two-one who knows nothing about dogs-absolutely nothing, was only hired because she's Israeli, just like Tamar, and another who loves dogs, is overly friendly, but is way more concerned about image than quality, and EMPLOYEE WELLBEING.  She told me once, "We need this place to look good first and foremost, because it needs to be as fabulous as Tamar."  This became apparent when the upstairs "lounge" was being painted while the dogs were still in the room.  I heard from a fellow employee that the paint made were lightheaded, and she suggested that the dogs be moved if they are going to paint.  The manager insisted it was not a big deal.  She moved them to the overnight room regardless for the dogs wellbeing.  The airconditioning and heating issue-the thing is, management is unconcerned with it if it can't be seen by a client.  Summer was so fucking hot, and the airconditioning upstairs was broken.  It did not get fixed for about a half a month.  On the note of the greedy Tamar Gellar-she's ridiculous.  All my time working there, she had never spoken a word to me, and I saw her sooo many times, she'd stare at me, and walk away.  As for her method-the method WE NEVER USED-actually, I never even knew what the method was, something about non-aggressive?  It would work if 1. there weren't 100 dogs at a time and 2. If we didn't permit dogs that SHOULD NOT BE AROUND OTHERS.  Basically, we accepted a dog a day that should not be around other dogs, and no matter how much staff complained, managers refused-it was always about the money.  WE accepted vicious dogs; dogs that we would have to lock away to protect others for 6 hours!  I pleaded so many times about nervous dogs, aggressive dogs-dogs just not suitable for that environment-they always insisted it was alright.  Money.  Money that employees never saw-can you believe that we worked for $8.50 an hour!?  And it's a wonder why staff seems so unfriendly.  Pay..just terrible.  And to top it off, new people were hired at $9.00.  Management eventually had to raise the wage-but mine wasn't raised until 2 months later, I had to demand it from the ridiculous accountant.  Also, there are no benefits.  None.  It is unbelievable how that works.  This is the main reason why everyone quit.  It's not fair.  No matter  what, employees wont get paid (other doggie daycares pay 10 dollars and up! With benefits).  I've seen this place spiral downward, and there is nothing the employees can do.  Those who read this-it's up to you, because when the employees aren't happy, things can't be the best.  Also, there needs to be a damand to fire the fools who think image overrules wellbeing, it just doesn't work in that kind of place!