I didn't even care when you came in!  You were just a skinny white boy, and you were busy on the phone.  No interest...not at all.  You said, "I called."  I said, "Oh yeah."  You needed to break your chain.  Okay.  I took it back, and that was that.  You called a second later, and gave me your number, but I just thought...well, I don't know, because you snuck into me, and now you've consumed me, and I'm willing to fuck a years work for a guy who wont exist in this year's fall.  I want to fuck you, to put it bluntly.  I want to fuck your body really hard.  I want to lick your white crevices.  Shit.  I do.  I want you.  I don't want to be in your mix, but I want to be around until your gone.  I want to FUCK a year's work to fuck you for eight months.  I want to fuck five years of promise to suck YOUR dick.  I don't even like sucking dick.  I want to SUCK your small, Irish dick and have your white drip down my black and down my throat so I can piss it; look between my legs while I'm seated and say, "I'm pissing him."  I want you to build my bike.  I want to watch you.  I want you to make it as well as you made yours.  I want to ride with you.  And ride you.  I want to sweat with you.  I want you to sweat on me, on Mondays, and Tuesdays, and I don't want my mom to know, or my grandmother, but I want your friends to know, and I don't want you to tell them that I am just a fuck.  I want you to like me.  I like you.  I met you once.  I keep fucking up, but it's always okay, because I'm always with a loser.  I will fuck over this year's loser for you, though he loves me genuinely.  I love him, too.  I don't love you, I want to hold you.  I want you to push me away because you've got to go.  You're a real person, the first.  I don't want you to know about him, but if you come by tomarrow, I'll tell you, but I'll say, "We're on rocky ground."  I don't know if that hints, but I hope you aren't offended. I WANT TO FUCK YOU WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK!  I WANT TO FUCK YOUR DRUNK DICK!  God, it has been a week, and I've seen you once, and I can't remember your face.  I know that it is white, and I want you to eat my vagina.  I want the lights on so I can see, I want to fuck you on a bike, it is impossible but I-I want to fuck you in the snow.  I want to fuck you when I'm on the slopes.  I suck, so I'll be laid out..most of the time. I want you to fall on me, and I want to start fucking right then and there.  I want him to see us.  I want him to cry, and I want him to hit me and I want you to say, "Don't hurt her."  Then I want to give you my smirk and say, "I always cared, but you were right, I'm leaving you for a fixie."