Going in for the kill
He asked, "Are you real?"
Of course I"m real, I'm here, I'm here, aren't I?
Asked, "Are you for real?"
Well, What I want,
I get,
Yes, I am for real
So just stand really..really still
I'm going to stick you
Stick to you
With the glues of our bodies:
Blood and cum
Are you..into me?
Do you...want me?
Want to get in me..
Send me
The memo
By pigeon or foot,
I'll fuck
Shit this took,
Waaay too long.
You and I!
Took too long to meet!
The dance!
The cheese!
All the flirt!
just undress and I wont
Feel cheap,
And neither will you,
Just satisfied
you'll be satisfied.